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Middle East


The Middle East is an interesting region in various aspects. First of all, it is a large consumer market with several hundreds of millions of potential customers that become a little bit wealthier day by day and their interest in high quality products manufactured by western companies increases. But the region is also interesting for companies and entrepreneurs looking for an investor. Not only due to the oil and gas exploration, a new upper class developed that - simply speaking - doesn't know where and how to spend their new wealth. Arab investors are easier to work with compared to those of the anglo-saxon world, their investment horizon is longer and they usually want less influence. But Arab investors are neither easy to find nor are they easy to convince.

wepacom helps companies to find a suitable strategy to sell products in the region and brings business partners together. wepacom also supports entrepreneurs on their search and the right choice of an investor, prepares both sides for the negotiations and coaches in cultural questions to help close the deal.

Werner Paulus wrote and published a book on working with Arabs called "Business in Arabia - Successful business in Thousandandone Night" (currently only available in German language, German title: "Business in Arabien - Erfolgreiche Geschäfte wie in Tausendundeiner Nacht") which is now available in (online) book stores everywhere. More information can be found on the website businessinarabia.com on which the book is also available with free shipping worldwide.