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Finding Investors


Investment capital is relatively cheap these days but still difficult to find, especially if you don't already have it. That sounds strange but it is reality for many companies, especially startups but other companies alike. Banks are asking for securities (of course) that small and medium businesses and most of all startups can't provide. Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Organizations are difficult to find and to convince, especially in Europe and companies often have a scaringly low equity ratio. This is extremely dangerous not only during times of crisis, it also prevents companies to expand and invest in new technologies, other competitors are able to pass easily. Excellent starting positions of companies are squandered. So the most important goal of financing should be to strengthen the equity ratio of the enterprise. If that is not available by the owner of the company an investor can help. In opposite to a bank, he is willing to accept a higher risk for the chance of a higher return. These investors often want to influence the future plans of the company but that shouldn't be seen too negative as they might be successful entrepreneurs themselves who may be able to bring in their valuable experience and lead it to new levels.

wepacom brings investors and entrepreneurs together at one table and supports both parties in the negotiations. These investors may come from any part of the world, from Europe as well as North America, Asia or the Middle East.